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Feb 19, 2013 8:00am EST
to face very large economic and budget challenges. let me discuss the economy first, and then i'll turn to the budget. we anticipate that economic growth will remain slow this year because the gradual improvement that we've seen underlying economic factors will be offset by a tightening of federal fiscal policy scheduleed under current law. the good news is the effects of the housing and financial crisis appear to be finally, gradually, fading. we expect that an upswing in housing construction, rising real estate and stock prices and increasing availability of credit will help to spur a virtuous to cycle of faster growth in employment, income, consumer spending and business investment during the next few years. however, several policies that will help to bring down the budget deficit will represent a drag on economic activity this year. the expiration of the two percentage point cut in the social security payroll tax, the increase in tax rates on income above certain thresholds and the cuts in federal spending kennelinged to take effect -- scheduled to take effect next month will m
Feb 21, 2013 6:00am EST
clear message is not against the carbon economy per se. he has to deliver something. >> on that we will have to have our closing statements. we apologize to jump been waiting at the microphone we didn't get to you. a couple minutes. tall, do you want to start? >> sure. a decision on keystone on any large issue made on practical and tactical grounds but also, we seen the play of symbolism. daniel is very good that same keystone represent the equivalent of 6 million new cars on american highways, an army of new cars engaging america. and the ambassador was very diligent about saying this is an excellent chance to reach and a 6 million cars and take the venezuelan out and put good oil win. and so that is the symbolic background against president obama has a decision to make. coming from ottawa as a good, i often am reminded, i often say to candidates, it's the chicken come home to roost. stephen harper has spent his entire career as prime minister beating environmentalists. he ran against an environment was in 2008. he made up a carbon tax and 2011 so he could run against that and bea
Feb 22, 2013 6:00am EST
he planned to run immediately afterwards. i think it's -- his assumption was that the economy continued to improve our would improve and i think running and losing in '08 was very liberating for him. and he found that he could be very happy. we kept talking around it, you know, we had a very busy, he wanted to talk about it. we had a very busy 2010 client schedule, in a very mitt romney way he said finally, well, on election day 2010, you can do anything for your clients, why don't we meet on election day 2010? i said, okay, i can do that. so my partner and i met him in boston at his condo on election day 2010. and that was a thing when i got a sense that he was really intending to run. it was serious before but i got the sense he definitely was going to run. >> david, covering the white house, i got the sense that you guys thought you were running against mitt romney. you always sort of viewed mitt romney as the face of the republican party. is that an unfair -- >> no. in fact, the president and i after the 2008 election, we were musing about the future, and he asked me who i
Feb 20, 2013 7:30am EST
basically the bottom line is it's just bad for the economy. also something i think senator blunt did not cover but i would like to, there's going to be over 100,000 very low income residents in rural america that will lose their rental assistance that enables them to stay in safe and affordable housing. these families are generally female-headed households, or they're households welledderly or disabled -- welledderly or disabled. so my first question is for you, mr. werfel, if possible. and that would be as these furloughs, etc., take effect, do you anticipate it'll happen on day one, and it just happens in every agency and every department across the board, or will out be phased in -- will it be phased in over time? >> well, there's legal requirements for notice that i think deputy secretary carter mentioned. we have, what we'll see is agencies will start doing a couple of key things. first, furloughing is something that is subject to bargaining. so work is ongoing and will intensify as we approach sequester with union representation to make sure that the manner in which the furloug
Feb 23, 2013 2:00am EST
called this black nationalism. he built a whole ideology about it. that's black pride. it meant economies of black communities, the northern ghetto, so to speak should be run by blacks instead of absentee white owners. he believes community control of schools. so yes, he believes in black autonomy. he's not an integrationist as such and he said it's up to us, it is our struggle. >> taylor branch, author of the multivolume, "america in the king years" presents his thoughts on key moments in the civil rights movement. this is about an hour and 15 minutes. >> thank you, mr. hill. i've been here before. i'm glad to be back and now glad to be back talking about something that has been a subject dear to me for my whole life and is inescapable now that i'm getting older, that it is my life's work and i am glad for it. this is another round. i'm going to take more questions tonight. going to say provocative things about what i think this history is significant and about this project itself, which is a little odd to spend 24 years writing a 2300 page trilogy and commodity years later with 190 page
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5